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Boykin Spaniel basic information

The Boykin Spaniel is a medium sized breed of dog and a member of the Spaniel family. It is the state dog of South Carolina and its original purpose was to flush and retrieve game. In New York City, the Boykin is particularly rare, and with its natural cockatoo/bouffant hair style, leading in time to bangs over the eyes, it is always the centre of attention.

Slightly larger than the English Cocker Spaniel (about 17 inches high and a weight over 30 pounds) with more feathering, its coat colour comes only in liver. Traditionally, its tail is cropped at the age of three days, to stop wagging during hunting.

General Height & Weight Height Weight
Male Female Male Female
Minimum 15 1/2 inces 14 inches 30 pounds 25 pounds
Maximum 18 inches 16 1/2 inches 40 pounds 35 pounds

HEAD - The head, comprising the muzzle and skull, is impressive without being heavy or snipey and is proportionally in balance with the rest of the dog's body. The skull to be of medium length, fairly broad, flat on top, slightly rounded at the sides and back. The muzzle to be approximately the same length as the skull. Viewed from the top, the width of the muzzle is approximately one half the width of the skull. Viewed in profile, the nasal bone is straight with a moderate stop and subtle rise at the junction of the muzzle and skull forming two parallel planes between the top lines of the skull and muzzle. The distance from the tip of the nose to the base of the skull is about the same length as the neck. The forehead is covered with smooth, short hair. The jaws are sufficient length to allow the dog to easily carry game. The nose to be dark liver in color with nostrils well-opened and broad for good scenting power. Faults: Pointed or heavy skull, over heavy muzzle, muzzle too short or narrow.

TEETH - Teeth should be straight and meet in a close scissors bite (the lower teeth touching behind the upper incisors). An even bite (incisors meet each other to edge to edge) is acceptable but not preferred. Faults: Over or undershot jaws.

EYES - The eyes are yellow to brown to harmonize with the coat, set well apart, expression alert, intelligent and trusting. Darker shades of yellow preferred over lighter shades. Faults: A prominent or pop eye.

EARS - The ears are set slightly above the level of the eyeline and reach the tip of the nose when pulled forward. They lie flat and close to the head.

NECK - The neck is moderately long, muscular, slightly arched at the crest and gradually blends into sloping shoulders without being abruptly angled or excessively throaty.

BODY STRUCTURE - The body is sturdily constructed but not too compact. Sloping shoulders, chest well-developed but not barrel, the back is strong, straight, and level except for a slight arch in the loin area. Faults: High hindquarters, roach back (too much arch over the loin extending forward into the middle section), sway back (dip in back).

LEGS AND FEET - The legs are strong, of medium length and well boned, but not too short as to handicap for field work. Legs should be straight when viewed from the front or rear. The feet are found to slightly oval, firm, and well-padded, turning neither in nor out. Faults: Fiddle front (front legs out at elbow, pasterns close, and feet turned out). Cowhocks (hocks on rear legs turning towards each other).

TAIL - The tail should be docked so that at maturity it is 2 1/2 to 3 inches long. (Leave 1/3 of the tail plus 1/4" when pup is 3-5 days old).

COAT - The coat is flat to moderately curly with medium length, fine hair with light feathering acceptable on the legs, feet, ears, chest, and belly. A short straight coat without feathering is acceptable.

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